Why blog? An ongoing experiment into the effects of blogging.

We tell every client to blog. "It's good to do," we say. But is it worth what you're spending on it as a business owner who doesn't want to do it themselves is the question? Not necessarily, depending on your budget.

I (Tom) have seen with my own eyes the effects of blogging in a good way for all of my clients. I can honestly say that there is not a single site that we manage that does not see a positive effect from adding content on a regular basis and doing blogging, as seldom as once a month.

You never know when that one topic that popped into your head on a whim is going to take off and go viral online, drawing hundreds or thousands of new users through your "door," to convert in whatever ways possible.

But how well does it do? Well,, this will be our ongoing test and updated post every time we check back in with new results into just what blogging has done for the traffic for tomdestudio.com.

We want to keep ourselves honest, share with the community what the effects of our work are doing on our own site, prove to everyone it works, and keep ourselves motivated to actually blog for ourselves on a regular basis, which gets hard to do when things get busy.

When we mess up, it'll show in the data, when we stick to what we're preaching, that'll hopefully show up, too.

This is an easy way for us to make sure we keep updating it, keep it somewhere where everyone has access to (our own WordPress) for updating, and keep us honest on the success of our blog when we go ahead and tell a client that it's a "net positive."

Let's put our money where our mouth is and make a pact to blog at least once a week for the next two years and see what that does to our traffic. Then, we'll use analytics to tell us which blogs work, which didn't, and what other things around our site that we'll also be updating had the most significant effect on our traffic and conversions.

We can't say that this experiment works the same way for every client. Our content is... about making content, after all, which happens to be one of the most competitive fields to try and gain some traction in.

We'll be using real human (not AI) writers throughout this whole experiment. We want you to see that we practice what we preach, and we hope you hold us to it

Our Benchmark

What is a benchmark? It is a collection of data that helps us "mark" where we are at in the beginning or throughout any point in a project.

Here are our analytics stats as of the date of August 24, 2022.

There it is, our brutally honest analytics screenshots of just how our site is doing on traffic. This will act as a benchmark for this post, which we will continue to update as time goes on, each time we check our stats. Probably about once a month or so.

Why are we posting our internal data online?

To keep ourselves honest and keep ourselves determined to make this data look good.

We will come here, treat ourselves like a client, and try to explain exactly what happened throughout the month, whether it worked or didn't, and what we are going to do as time goes on to fix that and make it work. We aren't sure if this has been done before; we'd assume it has. We don't keep close tabs on our competitors and the wider market at large because we like to keep it locked in on ourselves most of the time.

Come with us on this journey by subscribing to this post.

We hope this experiment into the effects of blogging and otherwise updating pages and content on-site provides insight to us, you, and to everyone else interested in getting their site's wheels up, figuratively speaking.

Until next time,

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