Interested in getting started on a new website for your business? Many people are focusing upon their online presence because it’s just about the only storefront you can have in this pandemic is your “digital storefront,” aka your website.

If you’re about to venture into the digital frontier for the first time, or the 10th, it’s important to know the difference between using a local web designer who is ONLY a web designer and using a creative agency, like ours, that encompasses web design, photography, video, graphic design, and hand-drawn art. The jack of all trades might be just what you need, and we think we can explain why pretty well!

Creative agencies can shoot their own content and edit your photos for you

When you start a website with a local web guy, you will usually always hear the same thing. “Send me over all of the photos and videos you want to be added to the website!” – This is fine, but what if you don’t have anything ready? Or, what if you have a bunch of photos and videos from your phone that isn’t that good?

Enter: a creative agency.

When you deal with a team of local creatives like ours, you can dump all the crappy iPhone photos you want right onto us to be edited! The best part is, we INCLUDE this service in our web design packages. That means you aren’t just getting the photos added to the site, but they’re getting re-touched before they are added, making sure they are the right file size for the web, too, which isn’t always something your web designer is doing. That means giant photos on your site, slowing down your pages, and bogging down your server. Re-sizing photos are just another added benefit of using multi-faceted creatives.

Forget about editing, a team of photographers and videographers can stop by to shoot a commercial, some social content, do a photoshoot, and anything else you might need in that way.

Artists Come Up With Concept Art Faster Than Non-Drawing Designers

Ever get frustrated waiting for a web designer to send you out an initial layout just so that you can get started? Us too.

That’s why when you use a team of creatives that includes people who can draw by hand as well as design, you can get a reasonably rendered design sent to you on paper or an i-pad that will give you the layout without having to wait for a graphic designer to do it in Photoshop or Illustrator.

It just generally keeps the ball rolling faster when you are using someone who has some skill in sketching and drawing. Throwing something down on paper is always the fastest way to get ideas across!

We will have a whole post with examples on this topic in the future and will update this post once that happens!

Most web designers have no style

We love every web designer out there and support those who deserve it to the fullest, but let’s face it, most web designers you meet don’t have a clue what’s hot, they just know how to design with direction to give you what you want — the problem is clients don’t usually know what they want.

If you want someone to take the reins and show you something that will WOW you and your clients, work with a team of people that includes an art director AND a web designer, not just one or the other.

To sum it up

You can find success with any web designer if you want to put in the effort required to take your own photos, edit them for your website, and direct the art of the project.

If you don’t feel like doing all of that, you can check out a company like ours. One that is filled with various creative professionals of different disciplines and talents. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, get in touch with us today.


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