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Graphic Design for Tee Shirts

When looking to design your own tee shirt with a designer, there are a few things a good graphic designer will keep in mind. The correct color palettes, which will look best in print (based from experience), sizing, and orientation are all important aspects before that digital pen ever hits that digital paper!

Designing simple things online yourself is fine, but when you want a premium product that you are looking to sell retail or keep for years, get in touch with a real print house and designer team like us.

Located in Staten Island, NYC, we offer a full range of graphic designs and digital illustrations specifically for apparel design as well as the printing services you need to create your own tee shirts, hoodies, long sleeve tees, jackets, hats, and more.

We are masters of our craft when it comes to working with local print shops to deliver?what you need quickly. Our amazing print partners are available at a moment’s notice and can provide both large and small quantity tee shirt printing.

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What do we need from you?

Nothing at all but an idea…

During the first phone call, a few questions will help to determine exactly what you need and how we will tackle the design project for you.

We talk about color selection, design preference, desired fit, reference materials, and usually come up with a sketch for you right then and there.

The process takes only a few minutes and you will have something to look at. Its always easier to be looking at something!

You can contact us anytime by phone or email if you want to get more details on an apparel design or printing service.

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Artwork from scratch as well as digitization services for pre-existing artwork

We get asked all the time to simply re-render old artwork into something ready for print. We do that too.?

Not only can you get something brand new, but you can breathe new life into something old that you have and may have forgotten all about. Techniques in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator allow us to revitalize old artwork, as long as you have it in some form.

If you need help re-rendering an old logo or image into something you can use, get in touch with us.

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