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SOME recent design work

Will be updating this section soon with vehicle wrap designs, wall wraps, logo designs, web designs, and more. Check back every single day!!!


You don’t NEED to pay an in-house graphic designer or someone from another country to get affordable design

If you have someone you feel shouldn’t be getting paid salary for the amount of work they’re doing or you feel like you need to graduate from using the outsourced Indian people on Fiverr, you have options you may not have realized. There are graphic and web designers who work independently, speak English fluently, write it professionally, and reside in New York City.

We prefer to work with clients on the East Coast but will accept applications from clients anywhere in the world. We just like to ensure communication happens easily before accepting any kind of job.


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Ok, but what does a professional graphic designer cost?

About $50.00 an hour. That is the going rate for your own dedicated designer when you work with Tomde Studio.

You’re getting a New York born and raised design team to work for you on your project. We know how to get things done on time and correctly without having to go back and forth 100 times.

We’re on trend, know what we’re doing, and love doing it.

Your projects will be estimated for length before hand and then timed in real time. You will be billed for your design fees.

That’s it.

Artwork from scratch as well as digitization services for pre-existing artwork

If you have something that you used to love but is now a pixelated mess, we can help you render it back into something sharp that will stay sharp forever. We also keep the file for you so that if you ever need it again, we have it.

There’s no fuss with us. You’ll get your proofs and final designs back quickly and in every conceivable file type and size you need.

Choose Tomde Studio.


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