Getting hyped for Game of Thrones? So is everyone else. Well, when you’re a guy who does stickers, why not do a sticker for it, right? That’s exactly what I did.

Having quickness with this stuff is key so i wanted to drop it just in time for the premier of the final season of GoT.

Without further adue, here is the design ill be breaking down for you today:


Game of Thrones Iron Throne - Sticker Design Steps 1

It may look complicated, but trust me, other than the line work, you should be able to recreate this design completely.

Believe in yourself once in a while, damn.

Take a look at just the line work without anything else. That’s always the best way to think of things you’re looking to replicate.

Linework only:


Game of Thrones Iron Throne - Sticker Design Steps 2

I consider myself a pretty good artist. The line work for this design was done using a Wacom Cintiq and a brush that reminded me of an Asian calligraphy brush.

It’s pretty good stuff, not gonna lie. Something right out of Okami for Game Cube.

Adding a background color

All I did from here was create a layer under the linework layer in PhotoShop.

Fill the brush with a color that you like for the fill, but you can always change the color later if you want to tweak it or add a gradient, etc.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne - Sticker Design Steps 3

I filled the shape in photoshop with a gold-ish hue of color. I wasn’t really worried about the color I was using. I was just trying to get something somewhat close for my own preference.

After that, I double-clicked the layer and added a gradient overlay to the fill layer.?

Adding Gradient Overlay to Fill Layer


Game of Thrones Iron Throne - Sticker Design Steps 4

TheI stayed with pretty much the same type of color, as you can see, but if you wanted, you could switch it to literally anything.

I chose a brighter yellowish hue for the top part to give the feeling of a shine on the top of the iron throne.

For the bottom part, I used a darker hue of the color I had filled the throne with earlier.

I am not telling you the color codes,,,, find the colors yourself. You won’t ever get good without being able to pick your own colors. This type of thing should be fun. Don’t be so mechanical when you’re following along with a tutorial. Have fun with it and take chances. Who cares.

Adding the blood splatters

Adding a quick could of blood splatters is no problem!

Ready for this??Google blood splatters.?Guarantee you’ll find plenty of them on there. When you’re just working on personal artwork, don’t worry about stealing things. If you need these kinds of little added design shapes, you can usually find them on Google. Who’s ever going to know, anyway. And who’d care? The HATERS!!! That’s who!

Game of Thrones Iron Throne - Sticker Design Steps 5

I added a couple of blood splatters that I found on Google, warped them a bit to fit the shape better, and then?applied a multiply later to them to blend them into the design more.

Next, to make this one into a sticker, i?turned the smoothing on my brush all the way up and created an outline, by hand, around the perimeter of the design.?

After that, I erased out the little specks of random things from throughout the design phase and sent out to my homie IDA Wraps for the sticker project to kick off.

Adding the “stroke” around the design by hand

Here is what it looked like after i?added the stroke?to the design by hand using the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24″.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne - Sticker Design Steps 1

I have a Wacom, but you can do this with an ipad or whatever else you use. You dont need the fancy stuff. You can work your way up to that.

I used a Wacom Intuos Pro for about 4 years before hopping into the Cintiq Pro 24″, which is amazing.


I hope you enjoyed this quick step-by-step illustration tutorial. Until next time, Peace!