Tomde Studio is happy to announce In The Stu; a chronicle about whatever we feel like creating content about for our friends and followers and a peek into the day-to-day stuff that goes on at a creative agency; working for clients, making breakthroughs, fighting through the hard times, learning new things, struggling with them, and anything else we can think of that we feel you guys and girls will find value in. These are all just examples of what gems you might find subscribing to the blog and coming along with us as we experience all of these things together.

Incase you didn't know, Tomde Studio is a collective of northeastern content creators, web designers, illustrators, photographers, cinematographers, editors, and anything else you can imagine. Pretty sure there are a few people around here who just love weeding vinyl. No joke. So if that's the kinda stuff you're into, you stumbled into the right place.

We hope not just to be writing, but to start with some tutorials for youtube, general content, streams of simple stuff like pen tooling, and more. Of course, we're also very open to our fans letting us know exactly what they would like to see next and we encourage you all to engage with our content, learn from it, make fun of it, or do whaetever else is going to make you happy! We are a collective of hustlers from all over the East Coast and are growing day-by-day.

We want to create a fanbase of followers who are just like us; those who cannot abide by a 9-5 and would prefer that 24/7/365 kinda hustle doing something that they love and can be proud of.

We must lead by example, showing everyone just how important it is and how successful you can be doing great content for yourself or a client.

We're in the process of designing out the blog page, so depending on when you read this post, you may have a bit of a hard time. The website is brand new and a work in progress!

We decided to scrap our old blog to start fresh, brand new, and try to keep things organized.

So cheers to you for reading this, and this one goes to starting up a new blog, sticking to posting regularly like we do for clients, and hopefully, imparting a bit of our wisdom our friends along the way.

We are grateful for everything we've been able to achieve so far, and plan to continue on the path!! Please follow along and subscribe if you'd like to come along with us on this journey.