Thank you to everyone at Comic-Con this year who loved this new design. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Mike Mignola, Dark Horse Comics, and Marvel, who gave me the inspirations for the new artwork!. It would have never been possible without the characters and artwork you created in the first place.

I design and illustrate the mashups, but they create the things I mash!

The Hellboy Infinity Gauntlet Sticker by Tomde Studio

Thanks to everyone at NYCC 2018 who complimented me on the stickers (which we slapped up ALL OVER) or the tee shirt I was wearing with the same image! The love, support, and even criticism are awesome for a new designer shop to have.

No matter how good we think we may be, there is ALWAYS room for improvement!!

If you are trying to develop yourself as an artist and you think you totally suck dont worry, it’s just the artist’s mentality. We all think we suck!

The Hellboy Infinity Gauntlet tee shirt sample

I made a couple of these for the show, but they weren’t for sale. The response was good on them, so I decided to throw them up now on my shop(s). Super limited and made to order.

baby hellboy shirt by tomde studio hellboy infinity gauntlet shirt by tomde studio

If you’re looking to purchase one to be made for you, you can find them for sale here –

KEEP IN MIND! – every order at this point is a custom order and we make them for you when you make the purchase. That is part of the reason they are so limited and collectible. Give us a few days to get it ready for you!

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