Studio Headshots and Travel Headshots

Whether you are looking to come to a private studio or you would prefer to have your entire team photographed at the office, we can accomodate. Get in touch today if you’re interested in professional headshot services. We are happy to help!

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What makes for good headshots?

When shooting headshots, one of the most important things is to just get comfortable, take your time, and communicate that level of relaxation to the team members who you are shooting with. Being photographed doesn’t always come naturally to people, but part of being a good photographer is being able to communicate a sense of calm confidence to your subjects. It makes studio headshots go much smoother.

Different kinds of headshots

Headshots 13

Actor and Model Headshots

If you’re looking to get yourself booked as a professional model or actor/actress, headshots are usually one of your first steps. It’s how you show yourself to hte world. It’s how you can communicate to them not just what you look like, but parts of your personality when done correctly .?

(model Eric D’Alessandro)

Headshots 14

Team Bio Headshots

A little different from headshots for actors and musicians, you are communicating the mood of an organization. For Goal Mine, we were communicating a sense of friendliness, using lighting tto help communicate a bright, airy sense.?

(Shooting with the team of Goal Mine)

How much do professional headshots cost?

Usually we use a flat day-rate to charge for headshots. This means you get your photographer and all included equipment as well as needed editing for an entire “day.” Editing would go beyond the day and into the following week or 2 as needed and agreed upon.

Since there are many variables, the price is not always the same. A day rate for local photography on-location can be as low as $250. When traveling with equipment to home offices of organizations, prices can be upwards of $500-1000 for the day.

How many people need to be photographed rearely factors into the pricing. You get a “day” with your photographer, which usually ranges from 4-8 hours. Anything beyond or additonal shoot days needed can incur additional fees! A solid scope of work will be agreed upon beforehand.