Graphic Design Staten Island

Graphic design is a tool used in a wide array of applications. Things like brand development, logo design, apparel design, packaging design, website design, and much more. 

What kind of clients need a local graphic designer?

Well I mean besides the people who just love supporting local artists and designers…??

Our designs are used for things like:

  • Print media
    • Business cards
    • Company header
    • Stickers
    • Vinyl Wraps
      • Vehicle Wraps
      • Wall Wraps
    • Digital
      • Logo
      • Website
      • Social Profile Portraits
      • Social Media Posts
      • Online Banners
      • Ads
      • Animated Video Overlays
    • Large Banners
  • Apparel
    • Direct to Garment
    • Screenprinting
    • Vinyl heat press

Graphic Design

Located in Downtown Staten Island, NYC (By the ferry). Servicing clients now all over the country via online meetings, screen shares, and other live design methods wirelessly.

Looking to create a new look for your business? Looking to make the?first?look? Well, you’re in the right place. We prepare graphic designs ranging from the initial branding package all the way through to your first tee shirts, stickers, and business cards. It all starts with a graphic design by Tomde Studio.?

That was just all we could think of on the spot. If you have a project for something you don’t see here, get in touch and let us know how we can help you make it happen. We’re sure we can.

A bulk of our current clients are small to medium-sized businesses in the tri-state?area (Staten Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey, etc.). We help them with things like banners, business cards, hoodies, polo shirts, and anything else you can imagine from the promotional standpoint.

We design from the main studio here in NYC, but partner with print shops around the world to get your final product to you at an affordable price without paying a ton of money in shipping. It is important to us that you get your product fast and in high quality.


Why use a professional graphic design studio?

Why use a professional American graphic design studio instead of just using someone on fiverr?who is 10x cheaper?

That is a series of questions you really have to ask yourself.

  • Do you think it is important to have a designer who speaks fluent English with no language barriers?
  • Do you want to have a designer that is accountable and available to talk to you after the project has been completed when you need more things done, tweaks made to your designs, and things like that?
  • Do you want a local designer who has other contacts to get you the best deals possible on printing, apparel, vinyl wrapping, etc.?

If you start thinking about the benefits you will have access to, the choice becomes easy (on our opinion). Choose a local business to deal with when you need.

We are located in Staten Island as well as NYC. We have a unique view on the business world, what is happening, trending, and what is “good” in modern design. This goes from the simplest logo design to your website or photography direction.

Deal with a local so that you can be competitive locally. It’s as simple as that.

Get in touch.