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Editorial Video Content that Helps Build Brands

Creating good video content is meant to display your brand’s personality and what they stand for. If it doesn’t, then you’re creating pointless content that people will scroll past without a second thought. Our skills lie in not only knowing how to conceptualize your idea but put a team together who has the perfect skills needed for your job.  Tomde Studio utilizes a close local network of local video content shooters, editors, DP’s, management staff, and more.


Video content for an “at home running” ad campaign created for Lululemon. We worked with an amazingly talented team to create this video, from actors to management, and the two of us filming.

Video created as 2nd camera to NYC Videographer and Editor Matt Chirico.

Other photo and video services include…

Editorial Video Content 1

Model and Actor Headshot Photography that helps clients get noticed

The first step towards getting booked for your first job as a model or actor is getting yourself some high-quality studio photography to show off to agencies and recruiters.

(model Eric D’Alessandro)

Editorial Video Content 2

Documentary Style Photography and Videography

Doing something you feel is important for your fans and followers to know about (in high resolution)? Book a photographer to hang out with you and capture every minute.

(Shooting with Reph and Prodigy (Mobb Deep))


Editorial Video Content 3

Team Headshot Photography for Websites

One of the most “human” parts of your website is your team bios. Deliver some high quality content that will make you stand out from competitors.

(Shooting with the team of Goal Mine)

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