Dog Photography

Did you know there are photographers out there who are really, really stinking good at doing photo shoots with our furry little (or big) friends? I happen to be one of them!

dog photography staten island ny
Bulbasaur gets really photogenic when you start shaking that treat bag around!

I just recently did my first session on national pets day with my dog Bulbasaur – French Bulldog puppy, or “frenchie,” as they say.

This shoot has sparked a fire deep inside. It’s passionate about this kind of photography and i want to open up my calendar to dog photography shoots for owners!

Get in touch with me and pass my information along to anyone you might know who is in need of some stunning shots of their pooch.

dog photography nyc
looking super serious my little guy!

I’m pricing this super competitively because i want to get in as much business and portfolio doing this as possible. I think this is a cool vertical for photography and i’m really into it.

get in touch for a quote on dog photography nyc. My studio is located in Staten Island, NY and i would be happy to help you out! If you like what you see above, get in touch via