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For a lot of business owners, logo design is the first entry into putting a face on your brand in some visual way. A logo gives you the identity that you can present to future and current clients to communicate what you are all about with all the thoughts, niches, and values baked in.

A good logo will accomplish all that and more for you as you continue to do business.

New businesses need a solid brand to help them stand out from everyone doing the same thing they do, which is often many other businesses in their same market. You can instantly look as good as many brands who have been doing it a long time by investing in your visuals, which many more established brands still need to do and have no interest in doing much of the time.

Tomdestudio is specialized in creating 100% custom, original designs and logos for hundreds of different brands over time and can help you decide on your direction and execute a (sometimes very minimal) logo with tons of thought and meaning baked into it.

Once you have a logo, what do you do with it?

Logo designers in NYC like those working with TomdeStudio can help you apply your logo to 100s of different things, from digital to usage on things like Instagram and TikTok profile pictures to printed goods and signage for things like stickers, business cards, wrap designs, and tons more.

Getting a logo done is just the beginning. Soon you'll have totally branded merch, profiles, websites, and everything else. It's all part of a cohesive brand image that all starts with the logo most of the time.

Get in touch with TomdeStudio today to talk about the kind of logo you think is perfect for your business and to work with a brand that is local to Staten Island and NYC so that you can have an open line of clear communication throughout the process and feel good about where your business is going, from the very beginning.
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