Branding Design

Are you ready to give your company or brand a face and a personality? A branding package is the best thing to help you hit the ground running. Interact with clients using the proper brand guidelines and creatives on all platforms, which we can help you develop.
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Branding is a blanket term that describes your logo, templates for different posts, print media applications, and anything that you want to brand to be a company asset. 

It's often the first step someone takes in thinking about a new brand and wanting to put a face on it once they've seen some level of potential or believe in it enough.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines take your digital branding assets and create a template for designers, web developers, and other contractors so that you don't have to communicate the way to apply your branding to different things each time.

Lay out how to use your logo, where it needs to be placed, all of your brand colors, and anything else you can imagine to make working with creatives much easier.

Brand Consulting

Already have some branding in place but want to make improvements? We can help you there. 

When you just need someone to review your branding and help you make optimizations or edits to existing assets, we can be hands on or just direct your team on the best practices to help your branding be more effective.
brandng design logo package example

What is a logo and branding package?

Here's an example of what you'd get when using TomdeStudio for a business or brand logo and branding package.

Your brand logo, used in various ways, renderings, color palettes, mockups, patterns, and more. The first step towards developing your brand guidelines for easy use in sending over to your graphic designer, web designer, or content maker.

Looking like something like this for your brand? Get in touch with us today and learn more about what a project like this entails.
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